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  • Buffer Vessels
    StandardsASME Code construction : All tanks are constructed in accordance with ASME code section IV and labelled for 125 PSI (8.6 BAR) as Standard.Precision also design Buffer Vessel as per British Standard BS 853:1996, BS 5500:1997 or in accordance with Art 3.3 of the European Directive EEC/97/23
  • Indirect Heated Storage Tank
    Indirect Heated Storage calorifiers are one of the easiest method of generating hot water for both domestic and industrial applications. Storage calorifiers are installed in hospitals, hotels, sports centers and general residential buildings. PRECISION Calorifiers can be used in sites where a
  • Gas Fired Water Heaters
    Direct Oil / Gas Fired water heaters are the best solution where fuel fired hot water system can be used. Wide range output can be achieved in this water heaters. Fully automatic burners are used for safe operation.Advantages : Efficiency is maintained throughout the range of load.Even at part
  • High Capacity Electric Water Heaters
    Electric calorifiers are one of the easiest method of generating hot water for both domestic and industrial applications. Electric calorifiers are installed in hospitals, hotels, Sports Centres and General Residential Buildings.StandardsASME Code construction:- All tanks are constructed in
  • Steam Boiler

    Type : Steam Boiler

    Certification : ASME Standards

    Fuel : LPG / OIl

    Capacity : 1000 Kg/hr - 18000 Kg/ Hr

    Pressure : 10 Bar

  • Air Separators
    Material of Construction : Carbon Steel – Flanged to Class 150/PN16/ PN25 All steel body Stainless steel strainer Advantages : Elimination of air from closed circulation system Tangential style Low velocity vortex Avoid inefficient pump operation. Low pressure drop across the
  • Air & Dirt Separators
    Precision Air and Dirt Separator are designed to eliminate air and separate debris associated with any hydronic system. In removable type High Velocity air and dirt separator, a removable flanged type end cover is installed so that easy access for coalescing medium and dirt removal. Non removal
  • Inline Air Separator
    Precision manufactures Standard Velocity Inline Air Separator and High Velocity Inline Air Separators with sizes from 2” to 36”. Maximum optimal flow range for standard series is 14906 GPM and for High velocity series Maximum optimal flow range is 33466 GPM. Precision In Line Air Separator are
  • Expansion Tank
    Expansion tanks are used in a closed loop heating or chilled water HVSC system to absorb the expanding water and to control the pressure in the system. Expansion tanks are fitted with a replaceable type heavy duty butyl bladder which absorbs the expanded water thus avoiding direct water contact
  • Air Receiver Tank
    Air receivers are manufactured in quality Carbon steel for storing compressed air with capacities range from 100 litres to 50,000 litres.StandardsPrecision design and manufacture Air Receivers in accordance with EEC/ 97/23 for pressure equipment or ASME Pressure Vessel code.ConnectionConnection can
  • Blowdown Vessels
    Steam boilers must be blow down at regular intervals to resolve some of the suspended and dissolved solids formed during the course production of steam. These undissolved solids in the boiler water can give rise to foaming and scaling of the boiler tubes and shell. Selection of a blowdown vessel
  • Chilled Water Buffer Tank
    Chillers are designed to operate with a minimum water volume, which typically ranges from 22 litre to 38 litres per ton for air conditioning application, for to get better temperature accuracy. Most of the chiller compressors can only start 3 to 4 times per hour. If the compressor is off and if
  • Fabricated Basket Strainers
    Fabricated simplex basket strainer are generally made of steel. These strainers can be made in materials like carbon steel or stainless steel based on project requirements. Basket strainers has a flat top. Basket strainer design maintains low pressure drops. Fabricated simplex strainers weighs less
  • Suction Diffuser
    Materials Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Other Materials Upon Request    End Connections Flat Faced Raised Face Butt weld Features Filtration Down to 40 Microns Large Diffuser Screens Long and Short Neck Versions Available Fabricated Construction Sizes Ranges Size - 10” - 24” Size -
  • Fabricated Tee Strainers

    Design Code : ASME Section VIII Div 2

    Body Material : Carbon Steel SA234

    Top Cover : Forged Carbon Steel SA105

    Top Cover Open Assembly : Forged Carbon Steel SA105

    Screen Material : Stainless Steel 304

  • Surge Vessel Tank

    Material : SA 516 GR 70 Or A 36

    Design Standards : ASME Section VIII Div I

    Working Pressure : Up to 70 bar

    Volume : 100 liters to 100,000 liters

    Model : PSV

  • Diesel Storage Tank

    Material : Carbon Steel

    Capacity : 500 Litres to 50,000 Litres

  • Deaerator Feed Tank
    Features : Guaranteed oxygen removal to 0.005 cc/litre (7PPB) Guaranteed to eliminate titratable free carbon dioxide to O Guaranteed to heat water to the corresponding temperature of the saturated steam contained within the vessel Turndown 20-1 Capacities from 5000 # hr to 1,000,000 # hr 10
  • Electrical Conduits Pipes

    Size : 10ft, 11ft, 12ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft

    Material : Pvc

    Thickness : 0-20mm

    Color : Black, Off White, White

    Finishing : Coated

  • LLDPE Water Tank

    Material : LLDPE

    Application : Water Storage

    Color : Black, Off White, White, Blue

    Feature : Heat Resistance, High Storage, Rust Proof

    Capacity : 0-500ltr, 1000-2000ltr

  • PVC Pipes

    Material : PVC

    Thickness : 10-20mm

    Length : 1-1000mm

    Color : Black, Blue, Grey, White

    Features : Crack Proof, Durable, High Strength, Perfect Shape

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